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Basic Info

Name: Heather Mason
Year of Birth: 1980

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After the events of the first Silent Hill game, Harry Mason flees Silent Hill with the baby given to him by the God that Alessa/Cheryl birthed. He names the baby Cheryl, after his seven year old daughter who was lost to him during the events of the first game.

They flee to Portland and try to live a normal life until one of the cult members from Silent Hill finds and attacks them. Harry manages to kill the man and, fearing future attacks, changes Cheryl's name to Heather and dyes her hair blonde.

Heather is unaware of her true parentage or the events that led to her birth when Silent Hill 3 begins.

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Mason or Morris?

There is some controversy as to whether Heather's surname is Mason or Morris.

Her real name is Cheryl Mason, named after Harry's adopted daughter from the first game.

It is stated in the game that Harry changed her name to 'Heather' after the attack from the cult member but no mention of her surname is made.

On the back cover of the US release of the game, her name is Heather Morris, but this is the only mention of the name.

It is also worth noting that the name of the actress that plays Heather in the game is Heather Morris.

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